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We need people like you in this world.

Thank you, that movie made me feel a whole lot better about myself.


Very unrealistic, no way would that happen in real life, it would have been better if you threw in a b plot, maybe a love story or a surfing competition. And whats the deal with all the killing, too much killing, and im pretty sure that killing factory doesnt really even really actually exist in real life.

Clocks are so funny.

That always happens to me when I smoke weed.

You're a lazy person.

rangi responds:

Read the description.

This is a quickie....... It wasn't meant to be graphically stunning , just worth a laugh.

More NInjas

Needs more Ninjas and i think you got it.

I'm a dragon.

I saw it comin

i knew he was going to do that since the file name is called CEASE_PUKE, which i red while it was loading.
I also knew his face would melt.

Too Slow

Comedy relies on timing, somthing your animation is lacking, its way too slow, I got bored and shut it off.

More Funny - Less Bloody

I dont really like senseless violence because its fucking stupid, but i like the rest of the cartoon, with the clowns and all......

pure genius

That was awsome, You my friend are seriously gifted. When that guys face fell off i almost pissed my pants from laughing so hard. And the ending was just wicked funny. You rule.

This is the best cartoon ive ever seen.

It was so suspensfull, then all of a sudden im on the floor laughing. You are a true genius, I hope one day to make cartoons as great as yours.

I bet Steven Hawkins drinks through a crazy straw.

Singularity responds:

I hope you aren't flattering me. I'm in a pretty paranoid mood right now since I just read "The Prince" by Machiavelli, and all that talk about flattery and how to avoid it has made me a nervous wreck trying to spot it. No! Flattery is right beside me! No wait, that's a matter/antimatter pair about to annihilate each other! Get them away from me! Shoo! Shoo!! AHHH!! PURE RADIATION ENERGY!!!!

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